Wedding Sparkler Send Offs

When it comes time for the bride and groom to leave, a few send offs have trended over the years. Rice had it’s hay day, until the birds had something to say. Bubbles are great when you leave for the reception, but what about after the sun has set on the dance party? Welcome the wedding sparkler send off.

Sparkler send offs allow your guests to be involved in a sweet moment and epic picture. Although, after capturing weddings for several years I can tell you that sparkler exits require organization and proper timing. So here are three tips to getting great pictures and making your sparkler exit amazing!

One – Light ’em up

Just as Nicholas Sparks compared summer love to a shooting star, sparklers are “a spectacular moment of light in the heavens, a fleeting glimpse of eternity. And in a flash, they’re gone.” So, make a plan for how your group of guests will light ’em up and give yourself time to capture the moment before the light goes out. My recommendation is to have sufficient lighters or luminaries, I suggest no less than five.  Start lighting them on the end the couple will start walking and have guests help light one anothers.

Two – Get good quality Sparklers

The best sparklers for weddings burn for 2- or 3-minutes! After all the work of getting everybody outside, lined up, sparklers passed out and lit… a 3-minute sparkler allows for several poses and pictures. Plus, they are more enjoyable for your guests! Wondering which ones will meet your needs, have fun and test some out at your engagement session.

Three – Cleaning up

Keep safety in mind. Strategically place metal buckets nearby guests that are filled with sand or water. These buckets allow for guests to put their sparklers in when they are finished. It also eases cleaning up!

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