Share your Pinterest Board with your Photographer

The design of your wedding is an illustration of you (and maybe your spouse). Your wedding day is a symbol of your style and relationship. It is your day and it is unlike any other. It is unique because each couple chooses different venues, colors, dresses, flowers, and details.

Your preference in pictures is just as unique as your other choices. When searching for a photographer to capture your day, you will naturally pick one whose editing and capture style match your tastes.

Share your Pinterest boards (we know you have them).

Once you’ve settled on the photographer, let them get to know you. Share your Pinterest board with your photographer and give them an even deeper sense of the kind of poses and style you like. Bring your photographer into your creative process.

But, don’t set yourself up for a Pinterest-fail.

Keep in mind that the photographer trending on your Pinterest board is likely not the same person you chose, and you are not the same bride featured in the post. You’ve seen those classic Pinterest-fails where the unicorn cupcakes turn into something R-rated. In those cases, most likely the ingredients were the same but the execution was difference.

In photography, Pinterest boards provide inspiration but the ingredients (venues, colors, dresses, flowers, details, etc.) are different. Share your Pinterest boards to give insight to your photographer and also make sure you are open to their creativity. They may take your ideas and turn it into something unique and special just for you!


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