What if it rains on your Wedding Day

It’s your day. You’ve got the dress, the vows, and the beautiful outdoor venue. Your future in-laws are in line. The cake looks delicious. And that stress acne cleared up overnight. You’re ready! But, what if it rains?

Weather can be unpredictable but it doesn’t have to ruin your wedding day.

Nobody wants it to rain on their wedding day but it does happen. A few years ago, I was shooting a wedding and the forecast showed chances of rain. The Ceremony was set to be outside under some trees at the Bride’s family home. The reception was being held under a tent a few yards away. The guests were seated for the Ceremony and I was standing up front waiting for the wedding party to start walking down the aisle. It was beautiful out. Then, right before the first bridesmaid and groomsmen were going to start walking down,  it started to sprinkle and then the sprinkling turned to heavy rain. Everybody started rushing under the reception tent. It was a little crazy for a couple minutes. Some guests tried to shield themselves with the tent and other guests were caught in the downpour, waiting. The sound system had to be moved and groomsmen were helping wherever needed.

Rain on a wedding, to some, might be discouraging. In all the chaos I decided to view it as exciting. Now this was a memory the Bride and Groom would not soon forget. Families and friends rushed, coming together to move tables and chairs for a makeshift aisle. Water spots speckled groomsmen clothes because they helped carry chairs in from the rain! Every single imperfect detail was, in my mind, a perfect memory of caring and love.

So, if you are a Bride and you are constantly checking the forecast of your wedding day, here are three tips to remember if the weather is looking gloomy!

Buy Umbrellas and Cute Rain Boots

The best Umbrellas to buy are the clear kind. Clear Umbrellas don’t leave a color cast on people’s faces and let plenty of light through omitting dark and distracting shadows on faces. They also look oh so romantic when you squeeze a Bride and Groom under one. These Umbrellas are a great way to get a few fun pictures with your Wedding Party when the weather isn’t ideal!

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 Own it

Enjoy the day for what it is and just have fun! Don’t be afraid to get a little wet. If you make sure to relax and have fun, others will follow along and your pictures will be filled with joy and smiles instead of stress and furrowed brows.

Ask your Photographer or Vendors for advice.

Chances are your Photographer and Vendors have gone through this before and can help make suggestions. Some of the best pictures I have captured are on rainy days when a Couple fully trusted my suggestions and ideas!

Rain, rain, go or stay. Either way, enjoy your wedding day!

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